For EU aluminium semi fabricators and consumers, 2016 is important for the future sourcing of competitive primary aluminium, as positions are being prepared within the industry and 27 government representatives for negotiations with the Commission to either adjust the import tariffs on some primary aluminium products or suspend completely the tariff on all primary products, effective January1st 2018 or sooner.
The duty provides an unjustified, artificial and collusive economic benefit to some of the vertically integrated worldwide producers of primary aluminium who benefit from their presence in EFTA and preferential developing countries and enjoy duty-free access to the EU market, but as shown by the results of  a recent
LUISS Study, severely penalizes the competitivity of the downstream industry  with an extra cost  over the period 2000-2013   amounted up to 15.5 billion euros.
The aluminium rolling sector is the largest converter of aluminium in the EU at about 5.0 million mt, it is a significant importer of slab and remelt ingot. facing growing competition from new low cost mills adjacent to, but outside the EU in 2018/2023, surely the rolling sector should  requires 0% import tariff on unwrought unalloyed and alloyed primary ingot.
The extruders account for about 2.8 million tons in Europe independent and SME extruders fought in vain for full suspension of the import tariff on unwrought unalloyed and alloyed primary aluminium in 2006 and 2011. Their best interest in 2016 is 0% im- port tariff on unwrought unalloyed and alloyed aluminium.
The casting sector has the largest number of SMEs; it is the largest sector of employment, and its main market is the automotive industry. It produces about 2.8 million mt of castings, they will probably be under the highest competitive threat through 2018-2023 and needs 0% duty on unwrought alloyed and unalloyed pri- mary and secondary ingot imports. In conclusion, if those in the business do not join the negotiation and demand suspension of import tariffs on primary alu- minium, effective Jan 2018, they will face another 5 years with uncompetitively priced aluminium product. 

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