Who to apply to for commercial, administrative and logistic information?
For information about:
• When and how to register
• Contact with our area managers
• Exhibitions costs
• Registration fee
• Advertisement on the catalogue and other promotional services
• Available spaces
• Stand position
• Stand solutions
• Additional services at the exhibition centre
• Organization of events during the show
• Participation to events
apply to the organizational secretariat of Metef Srl segreteria@metef.com- Tel. +39-030-9981045

- How to register to the exhibition?
To register to the exhibition, follow the instructions here below:
1)    Log in to your Reserved Area on the expo website by entering your Username and Password if you are a 2014 exhibitor (click here if you forgot your Username and Password). New exhibitors shall ask for their Username and Password at the following link.
2)    Fill in the online registration application.
3)    Send copy of the wire transfer receipt (registration fee + represented companies fee + co-exhibitor fee + 20% of the exhibiting space reserved and VAT).
- How are parking spaces assigned?
Assignment of the parking spaces rests on the discretion of the Organizer as provided for by Art.6 of the General Regulations.
The Organizer will inform the Exhibitors in writing about their application within 30 days from the beginning of the expo. The Exhibitors will receive confirmation of their exhibiting surface and related Parking Space Assignment Notification.

- What are the offers for pre-equipped stands with standard service package?
In order to facilitate participation of those exhibitors not wishing for customized solutions, the Organizer offers turnkey standard pre-equipped stands.
- What are the additional services for the exhibitors?
The Organizer offers the exhibitor several additional services listed and available for booking in your Reserved Area on the expo website by downloading the Services Folder. This document will be available as of January 2017.
Available services:
-        Additional power supply in comparison with what included in the direct exhibition registration fee.
-        Additional electrical services.
-        Water and compressed air.
-        Parking space cleaning.
-        Telephones and Internet connection.
-        Hostess service.
-        Green furnishing.
-        Design for customized parking space.
-        Additional furnishing rental.
-        Audio and video equipment rental.
-        American structure rental.
-        Miscellaneous insurance services.
-        Goods handling.
-        Photo shoot at your stand.
-        Tourist services.
-        Confectionary, drinks and catering.

- How to promote your company during the exhibition?
The Organizer puts several promotional instruments are the exhibitors’ disposal.
1)    Reserve a banner on the website metef.com.
2)    Reserve a banner on the online newsletter.
3)    Reserve an advertisement on the exhibition official magazine A&L-Alluminio e Leghe
4)    Reserve an advertising page or highlight the position of your stand on the exhibition catalogue.
5)    Communicate and gain visibility on the website www.aluplanet.com.
6)    Book advertising totems and ads at the info points all along the exhibition visiting path.
7)    Book conference halls for company meetings.
8)    Become a sponsor to the exhibition offering different service levels depending on your corporate targets and budget.
9)    Book advertising banners inside and outside the exhibition centre.