“The Aluminum Industry facing the challenge of the future”

organized by Centroal and Aluminium For Future Generations

During METEF, the global exhibition dedicated to aluminium, Centroal – Association of the Italian aluminium production chain, with over 600 member companies and 16,000 operators – will propose a top-level debate with the delegates of the institutions within the programme Aluminium For Future Generations.


  • Simona Bonafè (S&D), EU M.P. and speaker of the ‘Circular Economy package’.
  • Laura Puppato (PD), M.P., member of the Environmental Committee of the Italian Senate.
  • Senator Gianni Girotto (M5S), member of the Industry Committee of the Italian Senate.

An interesting multiple-step debate with the following delegates:

  • Mauro Cibaldi (Centroal - President).
  • Marco Vedani (INTALS - Ceo).
  • Trond Olaf Christophersen (Hydro  - Vice President, Head of Extrusion Ingot and Wire Rod Product Area).
  • Harssha Shetty (Vedanta - Chief Marketing Officer).
  • Anton Bazulev (Rusal - Head of International Projects).
  • Mahmood Daylami (GAC) – General Secretary.

Chairman: Gabriele Cirieco (Strategic Advice).

Further information:

Centroal represents the entire aluminium production chain in Italy. Along with public decision-makers and the wide reality of sector associations, it is committed to promote the applications of aluminium to enhance its development and maximize the contribution this metal can offer to reach the European sustainability targets.

For 18 years now, the Aluminium For Future Generation programme has been the instrument used by the industrial sector to monitor the political trends and the law-making initiatives that might have an impact on the sector business in order to analyse the most topical issues and decide how to proceed. AFFG also helps the aluminium industry to inform the decision-makers about the critical aspects that compromise or even damage the sector thus allowing for more company-oriented decisions. The programme is managed by Centroal during the association’s regular meetings when the AFFG Work Group – involving the programme supporting companies – gives its strategic contribution in terms of ideas and projects.

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