The  joint  stock  company  based  in  Viale  del  Lavoro  to  buy  out  100%  of  the  shares  of  the  Italian  reference show for the aluminium, foundry and innovative metal sector. 


Verona,  25th  July  2017    Metef,  brand  of  the  most  important  Italian  exhibition  dedicated  to  the  world  of aluminium, foundry and innovative metals, is now fully owned by Fiera di Verona. In fact the joint stock company based in Viale del Lavoro has bought out the 50% shares of Metef Srl, acquired in 2012 by Alfin-­‐Edimet, historical organizer of the show. The next edition of Metef is planned for 2020.  


“This acquisition  – explains  Maurizio  Danese,  President  of Veronafiere  – consolidates  Metef development  plan. The exhibition has now become for all purposes an asset in the product range of Veronafiere Spa along with the other shows the company organizes, benefiting from the EUR23-­‐million investments outlined in our industrial plan up to 2020 and from any possible future partnership within the sector production chain.” 


“Along with major partners such as Amafond,  this acquisition  – says Giovanni Mantovani,  GM of Veronafiere  aims  at  protecting  and  promoting  even  more  directly  another  excellent  and  less  known  sector  of  the  Italian industrial world. Aluminium  and innovative  metals are a EUR11-­‐billion  sector that will increasingly  gain strategic value in the future, especially in terms of automotive applications.” 


This announcement has come just some weeks after the 11th Metef ended. From June 21st through 24th the show was visited by 11,000 sector operators and reported a growth in terms of international visitors – coming from 63 foreign countries – which accounted for 40% of the total, with a 26% increase over 2014. The exhibitor companies were almost 400, 35% of which were foreign, also on the rise. 


“Innovation is the leitmotif of our show. In the last twenty years Metef has been the promoter of excellence in the world  of aluminium  and the related industrial  sector  – commented  Mario Conserva,  President  of Metef. – This year’s show expressed the trend reversal of the entire production chain with very positive aspects for development, especially in cross-­‐cutting compartments such as automotive and digitalization.” 


Another  confirmation  of the recovery  signals  in the global  aluminium  sector  comes  from  the presence  at  this exhibition  of  several  trade  delegations  from  both  highly  industrialized  countries  (USA,  Germany,  Austria  and Russia) and from emergency  economies in terms of technical and productive capacities (India, Iran, Iraq, Poland, Czech  Republic,  Slovenia,  Hungary,  Serbia,  Turkey,  Ukraine  and  Mexico)  as  well  as  from  major  raw  material producing countries (Norway, Persian Gulf area, Russia and India). 


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