“Long experience leads to top-quality products”: this will be Primafond’s motto during its presence at METEF.
The company is a specialized manufacturer of shell-moulding machines for core-making and foundry, core mouldings in cold box and shell moulding of different types and sizes.
The presence of this company at Metef is important for its ongoing commitment to research in line with the product technological innovations and the growing attention to environmental protection: in fact Primafond has recently made machines for inorganic core and mould making, a delicate and complex process in comparison with traditional systems which gives excellent results and is recommended by all users.
The company also makes sand preparation and distribution systems and miscellaneous tools for shell moulding in addition to its traditional wedge knockdown machines for casting finishing.
Primafond is a dynamic reality: the customer is involved in a close relationship with the company and custom-made machines are produced in compliance with the customer’s specific requirements. For these reasons Primafond is a reliable partner in searching for production streamlining solutions. And being a family business, passion is ensured in facing the market challenges.
Established in 1990, Primafond has increasingly expanded in Italy and over the world as a reliable supplier for the core-making and foundry sector, from the smallest to the multinational businesses.

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