The potential of aluminium as a leading actor in the development of circular economy is well know.
A long interview with Roberta Niboli, President of the European Aluminium Association Recycling Division, published on the magazine AL-Alluminio e Leghe – media leader in the aluminium market– explained how circular economy, in contrast to linear economy, is devised for a system where waste from a production segment becomes a resource for another.
With the catching slogan ‘from waste to value’, AL had already discussed the circular economy topic with Franco Bove, President of Eafa-European Aluminium Foil Association, and with Gino Schiona, GeneralDirector of CiAl–Aluminium Packaging Consortium, member of the Conai system for packaging materials recovery.
The core message is that aluminium – crucial for its applications in transports, building, airspace, electronics and packaging – is the king of durable materials, thus called because they can be used over and over again without affecting quality as the definition of circular economy requires. The evidence is the outstanding evolution of the secondary aluminium industry over the last years: secondary aluminium is produced from waste and scraps and derives from a complex collection process.
This is one of the guidelines of CIAL – Consortium for the recovery of used aluminium packaging in Italy which represents the aluminium sector environmental and social responsibility – and with partners such as CIAL we’ll analyse on these pages the topics connected with the central position of aluminium within circular economy.
The strong connection between aluminium and circular economy offers a great chance to retrieve a European industrial structure safeguarding the rightsof persons andcitizens: this will be a constant focus for AL, which drives opinion-making on the great properties of aluminium.

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