CIAL – Italian Aluminium Packaging Recovery Scheme – has drawn up a special list of the communes and waste management companies boasting the best quantity and quality performance in terms of aluminium waste collection.
The so-called “Resa Award” has been given depending on the results for recyclable waste collection and aluminium packaging recycling in Italy for year 2016: it’s an economic incentive aimed at promoting intensive recyclable waste collection models all over the Italian territory and able to enhance in full the potential of each single area.
The winners were 46 and some virtuous examples are the following: in region Lombardy, the company A2A Ambiente has reached excellent collection results in Brescia and Bergamo while the company Amsa a2a worked in Milan and Acsa in Cornaredo.
Good results have also been reported by Como, Monza and Opera (in the province of Milan). In Central Italy, the company Valfreddana Recuperi has been awarded for the aluminium recyclable waste collection carried out in Massa and in 24 communes of the province of Lucca.
In Southern Italy, different realities have to be highlighted for the excellent results obtained: in region Campania, the company Ambiente Spa manages collection in 23 communes in the province of Naples among which are Ercolano and Pomigliano d’Arco; another company is Penisola Verde Spa. Sardinia has targeted very good data: 45% of the communes, 168 out of 377, are managed by firms or are part of areas awarded by CiAl such as the companies Ecosansperate and Ichnos Ambiente of Uta (Cagliari), Gesam in Sassari and the Consorzio Industriale Provinciale Oristanese.
Among the most virtuous communes in Sardinia are Alghero, Cagliari, Nuoro and Oristano.
All in all, CiAL’s Resa Award shows that recyclable waste collection of aluminium in Italy is widespread and well organized. In fact at present collection is carried out in 6,607 Italian communes (82% of the total) and involves about 52.6 million citizens (88.5% of the Italian population).

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