FOSECO will be at METEF 2017 with the latest products of its already comprehensive range of products and services for the non ferrous alloy sector.
The increasing focus on environmental issues, energy saving and responsible use of commodities is driving materials recycling to higher and higher rates.
Few companies can exploit this bent of the aluminium industry as a whole and for this reason Foseco has developed a new range of products targeting energy and materials performance.
The innovations to be unveiled at METEF will include the following:
·      State of the art of molten aluminium degassing and processing.
·      Highly insulating and non-wetting refractory linings for any kind of foundries (casting and moulding).
·      Advanced technology ladles for aluminium and zinc.
State of the art of aluminium degassing and processing

SMARTT Degassing is an innovative software module for FDU (Rotary Degassing Equipment) and MTS (Metal Treatment Station) devices that predicts the best treatment practice based on ambient conditions, melt temperature, rotor design and crucible/ladle geometry.
SMARTT Degassing manages the degassing parameters and reduces operator’s involvement. The parameters are transferred to the degassing unit for traceability.
SMARTT Degassing reduces the quantity of inert gas used, extends the life cycle of shafts and rotors and avoids losses of temperature. Consequently the cost of the treatment is reduced while a constant quality level and reliable results are ensured.
The FDU XSR and MTS FDR rotors have been specifically designed to offer good degassing performance, alloy cleaning and long duration of the consumables during Foseco FDU MTS 1500 application.
COVERAL MTS 1582 is a new-concept, very efficient and convenient flux for grain refining for use with the Foseco MTS 1500 application. It offers excellent alloy cleaning and crystal grain refining.
FLUSSUM fluxes are a new range of products for moulding foundries (rolling slabs, extrusion billets, ingots for casting foundries, continuous casting). The FLUSSUM range allows for the production of much cleaner aluminium alloys with reduced alloy loss in the dross. The elevated efficiency of these fluxes keeps dosing low while obtaining dry dross and aluminium dust.
Highly insulating and non-wetting refractory linings for any kind of foundries (casting and moulding)
INSURAL lining for aluminium low-pressure dosing furnaces:
Installation of a new INSURAL lining can be done in as little as 3 days with no ongoing hydrogen issues.
• Resistant and non-wetting.
• Extremely low build-up of corundum and easy cleaning.
• Dramatic reduction of production stops.
• No sintering process required.
• The dry system prevents hydrogen absorption through the lining.
CONTOUR is a highly insulating material that also comes in preformed shapes for several foundry applications. Suitable for runners, buckets, ladles and other uses.
ZYAROCK fused silica tempering rolls are ideal when resistance and long service life are required such as with shot sleeves, nozzles and floats. ZYAROCK formats have a long service life, elevated resistance thermal shocks and do not contaminate the molten bath.
Advanced technology ladles for aluminium and zinc
Foseco offers the foundryman a complete range of silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles, retorts and other specialised shapes for use in fuel fired, induction and electric resistance furnaces.
ENERTEK crucibles are a new family of energy efficient crucibles that have been formulated and manufactured to offer the most thermally efficient crucible for holding molten aluminium.
DURATEK crucibles offer excellent oxidation resistance and thereby give extended service life compared to standard crucibles.
ENERTEK ZnO high-thermal efficiency crucibles and retortsare designed to minimize energy consumption and increase output in the zinc oxide industry.
Image: INSURALlining for aluminium low-pressure dosing furnaces.
Contats: Giorgio Muneratti, Product Manager Non Ferrous
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