ALIT Technologies  develops and produces paint stripping processes for hooks, frames and also special dirty painted material .
Our Fastrip ISP is a paint stripping process for clean the hooks in the powder coating line.
With FASTRIP comes the possibility, for companies, to purchase packages of processes that allow you to bring internment, easiness, process of stripping. In addition to the conventional static, stripping paint tank, with us comes the possibility to leverage other types of system, that will achieve inline paint stripping process.
Our Fastrip FP Filter Press allows to maintain always clean the  stripping baths.
The company realizes besides different chemical products  suitable for the various stripping enquiries both on aluminum  than on others types of metal in addition to different types of paint than you may have.
For years, we have invested a lot of resources to look for raw materials more and more efficient and environmentally sound. 
We continually develop new products that can quickly remove the paint and sticking with the base surface. 
The passion that is present in our company allows us to deal with a lot of attention and professionalism continual new requests that come to us from the international market.
We allow you to recover all the material painted badly that you want to reuse.
We have acid products rather than alkaline, suitable according to the type of paint to remove. Our chemicals can be use at room temperature rather than the other to be used at a temperature higher than 100°C.
Time and type of paint are the elements that will influence the choice of the product:
Hooks, frames or other material to recover ... hot stripping solution but also at room temperature!
By METEF, we will be  able to offer complete packages for aluminum profile stripping but also aluminum components for the automotive sector.

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