ASCONA presents new optical measurement systems for aluminium profiles that pay off
ASCONA is the world market leader in geometry measurement and surface inspection for extruded aluminium profiles and provides optical measurement systems which can be used in both the laboratory as well as in the production environment. Customers in 45 countries trust in PROMEX measurement products of ASCONA.
The new PROMEX BASIC/ADVANCED FAST starter models for geometrical measurements work with a camera and an objective and therefore guarantee measuring results within 2 to 5 s -irrespective of the complexity of the aluminium profile.
The PROMEX EXPERT measurement instruments of ASCONA are high-end solutions for geometrical measurements in the production environment. Generally, PROMEX EXPERT systems meet highest demands regarding measurement accuracy in a minimum of measuring time. Thus, fast corrective actions to avoid scrap can be carried out.
With the PROMEX CSI system for testing visible surfaces ASCONA comes up with a brand-new product on the occasion of the METEF 2017. Camera units check any irregularities on the surface directly at the extrusion press. PROMEX CSI Inline detects pick-ups, bubbles, chatter marks, holes or cracks and sorts them out during the production process. This guarantees a high productivity at the extrusion press and ensures that only quality approved products reach the final customer.
When it comes to aluminium profiles with inner chambers the raw material in the tool needs to be separated before it is brought together after the punch. The resulting areas are called welding lines. In many cases the welding line is not visible after the pressing process. However, if the profile will be anodized a welding line might appear on the surface. PROMEX measurement instruments for welding lines guarantee objective evaluations of the welding lines.
From a certain size on, evenly shaped visible surfaces of aluminium profiles need stabilizing webs. Since aluminium profiles normally have a matt surface, this distortion is hardly obvious. Only when the finish has been applied web collapsing will become evident to the eye. But at this point it will be too late to sort out any profiles of inferior quality andthe cost for the finish has already occurred. Here, PROMEX OBJECTIVE provides safety during quality control.

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