A very important exhibitor at Metef is Rollwasch.  Established in Milan in 1950, the company boasts an experience of over 65 years in the metal-finishing treatment field. The company is very active in terms of R&D and is currently upgrading its machines and devices, constantly setting new standards with its most reliable and qualified/experienced solutions, by means of the wireless technology and dedicated software applications.
New technologies are used to obtain the maximum levels of automation, efficiency and versatility. In the Manufactory 4.0 era, Rollwasch R&D is developing a new vanguard planning strategy, named "Wi-Finishing" in order to study modular control solution for its machines, devices and accessories.  It’s not high technology or robotic platforms – that imply a extensive automation - but standard and widespread applications for surface finishing plants (such as vibratory and barrelling finishing plants,etc.)
Rollwasch aims at combining its own experience with the increasing requirements of the customers, that are increasingly oriented to the automation concept and to modern management.
The new generation wireless technologies and the complex software integration project of the corporate devices and machinery have led Rollwasch to develop a wide range of APPS (Applications) to manage processes and processing by means of programming and an extremely simple and interactive management with the operator and the new Finishing 4.0 department.
With a check option control panel, a simple and interactive menu, scalable and independent modular devices (based on industrial level Wi-Fi technologies), investing in Rollwasch technology is oriented to the total expandability and versatility over time.
The strength of the "WI-Finishing" strategy is the software engineering, developed by a team that integrates different level of experience to achieve the optimal balance between safety, efficiency, operational simplicity, repeatability and competitiveness for each modular solution.


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