Danieli Breda, a division of the Danieli Group, is a global leader in the design, production and commissioning of innovative turnkey plants, machines and equipment for the extrusion and forging of ferrous and non ferrous metals. The 100% in-house design and production ensure quality control throughout the entire production process, from designing to commissioning of the equipment. Danieli Breda’s innovative and sophisticated custom-made machinery offers high-quality output at the lowest cost for material processing.


Danieli Breda’s project manager team constantly monitors the project and supply times in full respect of the quality control while working in close collaboration with the final customer to meet all requirements.

The company pays great attention to technological development, new products and technologies as well as to environment protection and energy efficiency. The competence developed and the ongoing development of design for what concerns mechanical, hydraulic and electrical equipment as well as automation allow Danieli Breda to satisfy all market requirements and anticipate the customers’ needs.


Danieli Breda’s sector leadership dates back to the 1950s, when the first 5MN extrusion press was designed and manufactured. Since then the company has steadily improved design and implemented solutions heading to higher and higher performance. Nowadays, after more than fifty years of evolution and success, the market validates Danieli Breda as one of the most advanced and reliable technologies worldwide.

Reliable, sturdy, compact, performing: these are main concepts Danieli Breda works on when designing equipment in order to ensure what follows:

  • - Extremely stiff frame for minimum deformation
  • - Reduction of idle time to improve productivity
  • - Closed-loop control of all movements for maximum accuracy
  • - Fast replacement of dies/moulds
  • - Perfect alignment of container/punch and perfect balancing of container/die closure due to the combined action of four dedicated cylinders
  • - Use of forged parts for equipment maximized life
  • - Isothermal extrusion control for constant production quality
  • - Redundancy of the safety systems for minimum idle times
  • - Energy saving controls to minimize power consumption and environmental impact.

The presses offered by Danieli Breda can be used for:

  • - Extrusion of aluminium/copper/brass hard and light alloys
  • - Extrusion of steel alloy seamless tubes and profiles
  • - Extrusion of graphite and coal electrodes
  • - Plants and lines fitted with auxiliary equipment.




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