GMS Global Metallurgical Solutions

GMS, part of the ENGITEC Group, adopts the technological know-how of Calamari S.p.A. and draws its operational origins from the merging of ATECO Impianti and PROMES.


GMS designs and manufactures single machines and complete plants for the foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and for the semi-finished products casting of non-ferrous metals. 

GMS Technologies maximize operator’s safety, the customer's production process, the quality and repeatability of the final product. 



METEF 2021

At METEF 2021, GMS wishes to give particular emphasis to: 

  1. System for aluminum billets heating HEH (High Efficiency Heater) - PATENTED 

A new type of HEH based on the principle of permanent magnets, rotating around a static billet. The HEH is made up of several independent rotors according to the heating profile required by the extrusion process (isothermal heating cycles and "taper"-type cycles at different temperatures). 

  1. The new WET & DRY Ingot Casting Line (W&D) - PATENT PENDING 

This innovative machine has been designed for the production of aluminum ingots in continuous casting. The special solutions overcome some limitations of the previous technologies in terms of reliability and product quality. The W&D cooling system reduces the need for cooling water with benefit for the environment. 


The W&D, has been conceived by GMS to provide Ingot Producers with a simple, sturdy and heavy-duty machine for foundry meeting the Industry 4.0 criteria. 



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