President Maurizio Sala has arrived at the end of his mandate


On 23 July 2020, the 74th Ordinary Assembly of Amafond, the Italian Foundry Suppliers’ Association, took place at Borgo Santa Giulia in Corte Franca (BS), On this occasion, the elections for 2020-20201 corporate offices’ renewal were held, and Mr Riccardo Ferrario was elected new President of Amafond. Since 2009 - after working experiences in Fiat Teksid, Meridian Technologies and EurAlcom - Mr Ferrario is the General Manager of Idra Group, a company located in Travagliato (BS) that has over 70 years of experience in the production of die casting machines and auxiliary equipment.


Furthermore, Amafond Vice-Presidents were also elected: Luca Casella (Director - Sipag Bisalta Spa) and Angelo Vezzuli (General Manager - EKW Italia Srl) for the Product Group, and Paolo Magaldi (Deputy CEO - Magaldi Power Spa) and Michele Pietribiasi (Chief Executive Officer - Euromac Srl) for the Machinery and Equipment Group. Finally, the past President Piero Starita was elected by acclamation Honorary President of Amafond.



All Amafond companies want to thank President Maurizio Sala, who has arrived at the end of his mandate, for the great and important work done in recent years for the Association and a special thanks also comes from Metef for the active and constant support to the event. He will remain in Amafond as Past President to support and help the new President on his way in this difficult moment.



"Guiding Amafond for 4 years has been a privilege with inestimable experience. When it was founded in 1946, Amafond was just a small project to build in the hands of a keen group of manufacturers and distributors of metallurgy machines and products, in particular for foundries. Today, it is known in every corner of the world, it is the image of the Italian companies that operate in this important sector representing the best technologies for the foundry industry and beyond. From the start, with the support of national institutions like the Foreign Trade Institute and the Ministry of Economic Development, we have worked towards the development of Italian metal foundries not only on the domestic market, but wherever there was an interest, we were alert and we were present, with initiatives and missions, taking our members on the road to discover new markets, first in Europe, then in China, Russia, Brasil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, the USA, Iran, Poland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Argentina, South Africa, Korea and Japan.  In synergy  and tight collaboration with the national associations in the sector, especially with those that are close to us like Assofond and Assomet, we worked hard to demonstrate our highest levels of competence to the international market place, seeking to create a system and achieving results in the advanced application of metals ranging from cast iron and steel to light alloys used in the automotive, mechanics, electronics and building sectors.

All I did was follow a well traced path, aiming at consolidating relations and technical-cultural partnerships with associations and institutions representative of important international markets, like the agreements made with the Russian Aluminium Association and with India and our close relations with Gulf Countries with the intention of promoting an Italy that wants to grow and is able to do so by employing its best strengths and by looking past its boarders. Amafond has a solid foundation, is well structured, determined, fast and flexible in making decisions and choices, the new President Riccardo Ferrario is a person of excellence in our sector and he will give a great contribution, together with the board, to the life of the association in the years to come”


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