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Pneumatic decoring hammers




The company O.M.LER srl manufactures and sells worldwide since several years the pneumatic decoring hammer. It is used in foundries that manufacture castings through the gravity, low pressure or investment casting process where inside there is a sand core to break and remove.




O.M.LER srl manufactures the pneumatic decoring hammer in two models: RVC70 and AF1470. The RVC70 can remove the inside sand from every type of foundry casting and it is mainly suitable to decore castings with a complicated and delicate structure. The AF1470 is lighter thanks to its jacket in aluminium alloys. It has the air and sensor couplings in the same back area to make installation and maintenance easy.


Martello RVC70



Both hammer RVC70 and hammer AF1470 are available in three versions: Standard, MBR and MBL to obtain the best decoring result according the type of casting to decore. Furthermore, for each version the AIR set-up is available. This set-up is recommended if the hammers are fastened into a rotating decoring machine, because it avoids sand entrance into the hammers while beating.

Each hammer functioning during the beating process can be checked through the dedicated RB2000 sensor that is connected to the monitoring system Thor V4.0. The system can control the beating frequency of up to 4 hammers at the same time and in real time, monitoring in this way their efficiency.

Thor V4.0 monitoring system with display frequency


For further information: www.omlersrl.com

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