Aluminium Oxidation



Zima Srl: "In as little as the past year we’ve reached several crucial aims for our company in terms of certifications. After the ISO 9001:2015 certification, we’ve got the prestigious QUALANOD Association certification for both compliance to QUALITAL standards and the Quality Label for Oxide Coating. In addition we’re the one and only Italian company having received the Hard Oxidation Quality Label from the above-mentioned association.



"We’ve taken huge strides by doubling our headquarters indoor surface from 1,000 to 2,000 square metres and aiming at an expansion to 5,000 sqm total within late 2021.

We’ve invested on research and innovation, one of our trump cards, by implementing this year the innovative antibacterial process that prevents bacteria proliferation, ensures higher Vickers hardness and increased surface fluidity. Our ongoing research activities offer innovative solutions for our customers.

This year we’ve expanded our production capacity more than ever: our new oxidation plant was opened in April with the result that our production capacity is now three times as much.".





Last but not least, this year we’ve turned our company into a real 4.0 industry by shaping an office-production-machinery direct network that streamlines the production chain and optimizes the time/money ratio for savings to the customers’ advantage.

Our target is a really sustainable industry. We’ve built and opened in June 2020 a 125kw photovoltaic plant and we’ve joined green programmes for the supply of energy exclusively from renewable sources. All this was made in 2020. We’re ready to face the challenge of the years to come.


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