Savelli Technologies S.r.l.

Return to the origins


Küttner Savelli S.r.l. has recently changed its name, going back to the original one Savelli Technologies S.r.l. (SAVELLI for common use) for the new corporate structure that sees the German partner Küttner Holding Gmbh & Co. KG hold 50% of its shares and the newly formed Italian Savelli Holding S.r.l. hold the remaining 50% of the shares.
Among the shareholders of Savelli Holding, Francesco and Paolo Savelli, Maurizio Botticini, Mauro Boldi, Roberto Tura, Guido Glberti and the American company EMI of Cleveland, Ohio that carries out the same activity in the North American market. Among the members of the new Board instead, emerge Francesco Savelli (Chairman of the Board and CEO), Maurizio Botticini (Vice President and CTO), Karl Isken and Peter Weber (Directors) representing Küttner.
For the successes linked to the SAVELLI brand, the company’s logo is once again the original one (SAVELLI since 1842), already registered in the main strategic countries for the foundry industry such as Brazil, China, Europe, India, Russia, North America and South Korea.

The registered office of SAVELLI has just moved from the center of Brescia to the new center of Rodengo Saiano, a necessary decision considering all the orders in progress in South Korea, Italy, Russia and Sweden. The headquarters, larger and better organized to welcome the various delegations of different countries, is now ready to undertake new projects increasingly demanding. The workshop in Flero (BS) remains active, pending the completion of the unification process with the extension of the hall of the new headquarters.


Savelli Technologies started in April 2016 with a turnover at the end of the year of 5ML and about twenty employees to reach the turnover of 15mln in 2020 and 20mln in 2021 with about forty employees. Always positive results from the beginning, a company Savelli subject to the audit and audit of Deloitte & Touche.

At this time the company is imepgnata in the management of construction sites for installation of plants or for production starts for important orders in Sweden (SCANIA-Volkswagen), Russia (KSM and Altaivagon) and South Korea (Hyundai Sungwoo).

The difficulties generated and linked to the restrictive and preventive measures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have put whole sectors to the test, Savelli Technologies is still working in Russia and Sweden with various difficulties and complications, incurring large expenses without the desired help from those in government.

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