HPDC SCHOOL seminars

New skills not only for students


The diecasting sector, and in particular the aluminum sector, continue to confirm a high propensity towards the growth of know-how of the most valuable capital, human capital, combined with knowledge of innovation and circular economy. An extremely positive signal that brings light in a dark period for many sectors. 

With 23 students from all over Italy (Brescia, Bergamo, Bari, Milan, Padua, Turin) the certified training course dedicated to the smelting process is taking place, 400 hours that will end in July. The HPDC School - High Pressure Die Casting School has behind it 5 successful editions organized by CSMT e AQM, and has a single major objective: to transfer the skills, the valuable knowledge held by experts and businessmen, to the future technologists of industrialization of the process, product and production managers, thus preserving the excellence of the industry worldwide. 

The current edition is smart, the students connect in FAD - Synchronous Distance Learning - with the advantage of overcoming distances and carry out practical workshops in the most important foundries of the area, in compliance with the anti-covid safety measures, study the smart plant and topics related to the circular economy. The school has always obtained the support of companies and associations of the sector, the current edition sees among the Sponsors Apindustria, Efesto, Gilardoni, Idra, M.C.S. Facchetti, among the Supporters Ba Bonomi Acciai and Karberg. Among the Technical Supporters Colosio, Ecotre Valente, Esi Italia, Gp Progetti, Lucchini RS, Meccanica Pierre and Northon Services. Thanks to the contribution of these excellences, from next month will start the Open Seminars of HPDC SCHOOL (free and open to all), with a technical cut, accessible online, related to the issues of the school, on which the partner companies have years of experience and high skills. 

An opportunity to be seized to update or train junior figures. The calendar will be available on the school website www.scuoladipressocolata.it or by subscribing to CSMT and AQM newsletters.

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