Foundry Ecocer

Italian company continues on its way despite the emergency

Foundry Ecocer is one of the virtuous Italian companies that despite the COVID emergency, continue to believe in it by investing, researching and hiring, because the market of light alloys continues to expand.
The last 30-40 years have seen an enormous expansion of the market of light alloys, just think that between 1980 and 1985 a medium-sized car used about 30-40 kg of aluminium alloy castings; European data for 2019-2020 show an average content of components made of aluminium alloys, including castings, extrusions, forgings and rolled products of about 180-190 kg with a trend of further growth and an increase of 6-7 times the quantities.
Carried in figures we talk about impressive numbers, taking into account the millions of vehicles annually built and sold. In Europe in 2019, about 15,500,000 vehicles were produced, to which must be added - even more so including the entire automotive sector - about 2,700,000 other vehicles that include light commercial vehicles, thinking commercial vehicles, heavy transport and buses. Almost double the number of vehicles produced in the years 1980-1985.
The automotive market alone has therefore increased from 450,000 tons/year to a need for 3,000,000 tons/year, therefore there are about 2,400,000 tons more which reach over 3,000,000 tons by adding the needs for light and heavy commercial vehicles.
The automotive sector represents an important part of the use of light aluminium alloys. This leads to assume a total European volume of about 6,000,000 tons per year of new products made of light aluminium alloys. 
Aluminium is one of the most recyclable metals par excellence. The aluminium alloy product retains a certain economic value once its use is over. This factor, as will be seen later, is crucial to the industrial exploitation of this metal. Some of the most obvious properties of aluminium are ease of fabrication, good corrosion resistance, low density, high strength-to-weight ratio and high fracture toughness. Aluminium has an enormous advantage: over time it does not wear out, or at least it wears out very little, precisely because of its nature; the natural coating makes the metal inert under normal conditions, a protection against attacks from air, heat, humidity and chemical agents.
For specific applications, the items are subject to additional industrial processes such as chemical passivation treatments that further increase resistance to oxidation, or inhibition due to the chemical characteristics of certain elements specifically present in aluminium alloys, and finally the use of protective paints or organic films.  The metallurgical quality of a so-called "secondary alloy" from recovery, thanks to the joint efforts of entrepreneurs, suppliers of plants and machinery and the continued tenacity of many technological players involved in an industrial process quite revolutionary, have made giant strides, making it possible to ensure the realization of artifacts of very high technical performance, on a par with similar artifacts obtained with primary alloys. More than 85% of the products can be manufactured using remelted alloys.
Foundry Ecocer is a leading company that offers a complete range of products, including chemical fluxes for the metallurgical treatments required for the metallurgy of non-ferrous alloys. The company is investing in human resources by purchasing and installing new plants specifically designed, developing new products to offer the market materials suitable for customer requirements such as powder flows, flows in granular form, flows in tablets, flows packaged and supplied in sealed aluminium capsules and other forms, precisely because the market requires a strong customization due to the vastness of technologies now in use and in continuous evolution. 
Among the latest products, there is the family of QUICK FLUX ™ flows, special flows produced in granular form with certain chemical and physical characteristics and certain sizes of granules.

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