ALIT Technologies: the ideal partner for the chemical stripping of metal surfaces

Find out the paint stripping system of the Fastrip line and the high performance and low environmental impact chemical products of the Metalstrip range developed by ALIT Technologies, the Italian leader in the chemical stripping of metals.



Specialist in the chemical removal of paints from metal surfaces,  ALIT Technologies offers cutting-edge systems as well as a wide range of chemical products, establishing itself as the only complete supplier of technologies and products for metal stripping. The paint stripping systems of the Fastrip line are 100% Made in Italy, conceived with infinite customization possibilities and can be perfectly integrated with existing production lines. The portfolio of technologies developed and implemented by ALIT includes:

  • Fastrip ISP: a stripping plant featuring a horizontal tank above which a rail runs for the in-line handling of hooks and frames intended for electrostatic coating operations. These are immersed and moved through the stripping bath for a variable time of approximately 2 minutes and at the end of the chemical bath, they are completely clean and ready to be used in a new coating cycle.
  • Fastrip S: a vertical spray system for the chemical stripping of metals which enables to create a paint stripping station right beside the existing production lines with a very small footprint.
  • Fastrip T5: a medium-sized stripping tank with a capacity of 800 litres dedicated to the stripping of hooks, frames and other metal products.
  • Fastrip T2: a range of immersion stripping tanks with compact size, equipped with ultrasound technology and integrated heating system.
  • Fastrip FP: a filtration unit developed in conjunction with the stripping tank that allows the continuous elimination of the sludge produced by chemical stripping, thus obtaining a dry sludge.

The range of Fastrip technologies will soon be enriched with Fastrip AP, a new easy-touse system for the horizontal stripping of aluminium profiles featuring a very compact design.

In addition to the line-up of machinery and technologies, ALIT also produces Metalstrip: the range of innovative chemical products with high performance and low environmental impact. Metalstrip paint strippers are free from chlorinated compounds, are ecologically compatible and formulated to optimize plant performance.

Metalstrip is also compatible for the treatment of ferrous material, aluminium or other light alloys. The company's commitment in terms of constant innovation towards sustainable technologies has made ALIT the favourite partner of several industries in the sector, both Italian and foreign, which have found in the manufacturer of paint stripping technologies timely technical support and strategic collaboration for the improvement of their production lines.

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