The Future of the Foundry:

Dimensional Verification using GOM Inspect Professional for the predictive analysis in the foundry processes

The main issue for companies operating in the foundry and casting industries is linked to the need to work out – with the highest possible accuracy – the typical defects within a given process, so as to be able to intervene and rectify defects before the production stage.

The simulation software converts native data into mathematical equations in order to predict the occurrence and the formation of these phenomena in a scientific way. They provide an objective forecast of what happened to the metal during the casting process.

For this specific scope, the ProCAST software simulates a machine that produces virtual pieces as if they were physical ones, which follows the dimensional verification by the physical measurement of the prototype.

Thanks to the tight collaboration between ECOTRE Valente, specialists in the simulation of metallurgical processes, and GOM Italia an innovative integration of predictive and dimensional analysis of castings has been created. So, what is it all about? The user performs the casting simulation with ProCAST resulting in a point cloud in the form of a *.G3D file. It is then imported in the GOM Inspect Professional software to proceed with the dimensional analysis aimed at highlighting possible defects.



The introduction of GOM Inspect Professional right after the numerical simulation is a huge benefit, because it does not disrupt the workflow and allows not to change the same operating methods, optimizing the product development cycle right down to the execution times for individual steps. Indeed, the integration of ProCAST and GOM Inspect Professional significantly shortens the overall process time because it reduces the prototyping and sampling steps to a minimum.

The 2020 GOM Inspect Software version has evolved in a brand-new platform with numerous added features and improved functionalities. The GOM Inspect Suite groups together all applications and offers full integration, from 3D data capture to reporting, offering a large number of workflow efficiency improvements.




The GOM Inspect Suite 2020 also offers system-independent evaluation software for 3D measuring data generated by common scanner and any other measuring machines on the market. Users can work with polygon meshes, inspect measuring data and produce reports as easily and efficiently as ever. The GOM Inspect Professional module expand the free software version with additional functions, e.g., parametric inspection and templates for measuring procedures and inspection reports.

The GOM Inspect Suite is designed to adapt perfectly to the user measuring tasks with industry-specific functionalities. For the first time, the 2020 release includes a set of functions for volume inspection of voxel data generated by computed tomography (CT) scans, and the Virtual Clamping solution together with the component-based workflow and digital assembly in the software have been further optimized. These modules also include a virtual measuring room for automated measurements and component checks in series production. The software grows with the user needs and represents a good investment to improve the overall measuring and analysis workflow.

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