Proposed anti-dumping duties

European Commission publishes proposal for provisional anti-dumping duties on certain laminated products

The European Commission has published proposed provisional anti-dumping duties on certain rolled products originating in China, an important step in the fight against China's unfair trade practices. The duty rates, effective since 13 April 2021, may vary from 19.60% to 47.30% and come after an anti-dumping investigation opened on August 14, 2020, following a complaint by European Aluminium.
Imports of rolled aluminum from China to the European Union - included in the scope of the investigation - increased to about 330,000 tons last year from 171,000 tons in 2016; in 2020, the market share of these imports from China reached more than 12% and doubled from five years ago. The provisional duties on certain aluminium flat rolled products are effective since April 13,  but a formal decision will be made when the EC’s investigation is finalized, which is expected to be in October. Last October, the EC imposed provisional duties on aluminum extrusion imports from China after an investigation that was also triggered by a complaint from European Aluminium.
"Dumped imports from China are driving European aluminum producers out of business and discouraging them from investing in innovations that can promote decarbonization and recycling. The Commission's decision to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminum extrusions and certain rolled products shows that European producers are being truly harmed by China's unfair trade practices. While anti-dumping duties may provide some short-term relief, we also need a long-term global solution to address subsidized Chinese overcapacity," said Gerd Götz, managing director of European Aluminium
Semi-fabricated aluminum products from China are also subject to anti-dumping duties in other major markets such as the United States, Canada, India, South Korea, Australia and Vietnam. 

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