After the acquisition by the German financial investor Auctus Capital Partners, the Brescia-based group Italpresse-Gauss has boosted its internationalization strategy by enhancing its excellent know-how as a producer of machinery for the three aluminium casting technologies: diecasting, low pressure casting and gravity casting. Interviewed by AL, Carlo Scalmana, CEO Italpresse-Gauss, expressed his satisfaction for this change that will allow the company to validate its history of excellence. Italpresse operates worldwide with over 3,500 plants, and builds machines and automatic work cells for diecasting with a constant focus on technological innovation, quality and production flexibility. Gauss is a specialized supplier of work cells for gravity casting mainly for the automotive sector and is a technological partner to the major Tier 1 groups as well as a leading producer of the most complex automotive castings. According to Mr Scalmana, quality standards will be stricter in terms of presses, automation, production techniques, alloy treatment and casting design, and against this backdrop the European companies will compete much better by exploiting their reliable know-how platform. The outlook for 2016 is good: the market is very dynamic and China’s slowdown is made up for the development of the American market, especially in Mexico and the USA.

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