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The new 3D scanner from GOM: a little big news. GOM Scan 1 is the sensor created to open new possibilities in the world of metrology. The compact housing incorporates GOM's best-in-class fringe projection technology and Blue Light Technology making it ideal for industrial use and providing the foundation for accurate and detailed 3D meshes. The sensor is equipped with the GOM Inspect Suite software that enables mesh processing for any kind of 3D printing, reverse engineering or dimensional analysis project.
The GOM Scan 1 is powerful, incredibly easy to use and highly accurate. This sensor is designed with a compact form factor but is equipped with the most advanced measurement technologies. From GOM's Blue Light Technology to the principle of stereoscopic cameras, GOM Scan 1 is ideal for obtaining 3D data of excellent accuracy. The lightweight sensor is designed for quick and easy measurement of small parts and limited areas. To complement its performance, the GOM Inspect Suite software is already installed to take mesh processing to the next level and support the user in generating 3D data quickly and easily. GOM Scan 1 is available with three measuring volumes for 100, 200 or 400 mm fields of view ensuring accurate measurements for small and medium sized objects.
A fringe projection scanner suitable for multiple applications. The new GOM Scan 1 sensor in combination with the GOM Inspect Suite supports various applications including reverse engineering, 3D printing and visualization. The sensor captures high-quality data in a very short time, while its powerful mesh processing functions make it ideal for reproducing components, creating precise 3D models and for new product development. No matter what idea you want to develop, GOM Scan 1 meets industry design standards to make it a reality.
Import and align CAD data and polygon mesh files, create surface comparisons, dimensional analyses and generate measurement reports - now you can do it all with one sensor easily and efficiently.

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