A leading world aluminium producer and one of the major producers of alumina

The company was founded in 2000 and, following its merger with SUAL and the alumina assets of Glencore, became the global aluminium industry leader in 2007.
Steve Hogdson, Director, Sales & Marketing of RUSAL since 2012 and responsible for developing RUSAL’s positions in a recent interview to Alluminio e Leghe, estimates that global aluminium demand grew by 5.6% year on year during 2015 to 56.4 mln tonnes, an increase of 3 mln tonnes compared to the 2014 level. Within this estimate, demand ex-China grew by 2% YoY. On a segment basis, transportation remained the predominant growth driver globally, registering a healthy 5% YoY, or an absolute demand increase of about 1 mln tonnes compared to 2014. On a regional basis, vehicle production growth in North America, Western Europe and China topped 3.7% accounting for an additional 2 mln vehicles compared to the prior year. Growth across other major consumer segments of construction and power engineering also remained firm, recording increases of 2% and 5% respectively.
On the supply side, the industry witnessed significant capacity adjustments as unprofitable capacity was curtailed whilst at the same time previously committed expansion projects came on stream.
RUSAL expects that the global aluminium demand will continue its growth at a healthy 5.7% during 2016 to 59.6 million tonnes or by another 3 million tonnes as a result of a strong demand growth in North America, Europe and Asia. Chinese growth is expected to continue to be strong at 7% YoY in 2016 to 31 million tonnes. Transportation sector will continue to be the largest growth contributor in 2016, accounting for half of the growth (1.5 million tonnes) followed by construction and electrical/consumer durables and packaging sectors. 

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