Noncommercial Partnership "Russian Aluminium Extruders Alliance"  is very glad  to inform you that the next conference “Aluminium-21/Quality of Extruded Profiles” will be held  in Palmira Business Club Hotel on October 25, 2016 (Moscow).
The increased use of aluminum in various fields requires an objective assessment of the quality. In addition, quality is a fundamental requirement in the face of the 4th industrial revolution started both in the world and in Russia.
This industrial revolution along with the digitalization provides standby and continuous improvement of customer supplied products. Such a situation is incompatible with the current level of standardization of the quality of aluminium semi-products, which is now below the level of equipment and technology development.
The conference will discuss the state of and solutions to problems in relation to the aluminum profiles considering a number of factors, including technology and equipment.
The upcoming meeting will be the first in the series devoted to quality issues. Therefore, it focuses on the most difficult section of the profiles’s  quality - surface quality of extruded profiles and finished profiles with modified coatings.
As usually the Conference will be supplemented by an exhibition.
More detailed information at www.eng.apral.org
The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the conference and make a presentation on one of the Conference subjects:
Surface Quality of Profiles
∙             Technology and Equipment  / Extrusion
∙             Extrusion Tooling / Die Design and Experience
∙             Powder Coatings
∙             Anodic Oxidation Coatings
∙             The International Systems of Quality Assessment: Qualicoat and Qualanod
∙             Organisation of In-house Quality Control System / Staff Training
∙             Terms and Definitions of Defects Affecting Surface (Draft Standard)
Quality of Extrusion Billets
∙             Technology and Equipment / Billets Production
∙             Billets Heat Treatment
∙             Metal Quality Control
∙             Terms and Definitions of Billet Defects (Draft Standard)

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