Over 1000 Times in 2015

Over the past 30 years, Thermo-Calc Software has gained a world-wide reputation as the best and most powerful software package for thermodynamic and phase equilibria calculations for multicomponent systems.
In a review of the 2015 literature, Thermo-Calc, along with our add-on Diffusion module (DICTRA) and Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA), were cited over 1000 times in journals, conference papers, university theses, book chapters and patent applications in fields as varied as dentistry, fuel cells, microelectronics, welding, joining, casting, nuclear energy, ceramics and nickel- and steel-related industries (just to name a few). 
In total Thermo-Calc software and databases were named in 231 journals in 2015. Some of the more interesting research included the use of Thermo-Calc to analyse Japanese swords and the application of Thermo-Calc to the field of archeometallurgy.
Thermo-Calc predictions are based on thermodynamic and kinetic databases produced by expert evaluation of experimental data using the CALPHAD approach. Thermo-Calc offers more than 30 databases covering a broad range of materials and systems, including aluminium databases for both thermodynamic and kinetic calculations, giving our software a wide range of applicability in materials research and development.
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