From state-of-the-art analysis of industrial monitoring and man-to-machine control, the work team led by Andrea Pezzoli, Group Chief Engineer of Italpresse-Gauss, has developed a new user-friendly interface system which is also a powerful instrument to gather and analyse a large quantity of plant data in real time.
HMe has an easy-to-install Windows operating system and features all connectivity facilities offered by Microsoft; the cloud-based Smart Factory concept can be added.
A pioneering vision of the industry 4.0 and an innovative project, both from a graphic point of view – with larger icons for better reading – and above all from a system innovation point of view: defined by Italpresse a Remote Experience, aimed at integrating the supervision of the machine and the peripheral devices in a single system, all in a unique interface between the operator and the entire casting process with the additional option of remote monitoring for accessibility from no matter where since it will be available in mobile version. The Remote Experience is an evolution of connectivity that in the next future will develop into big data management via cloud technologies.
The new HMe is powered by Wonderware, leader in supervision control solutions and a unique supplier of software systems for the real-time management of industrial activities. Different applications can be integrated in a dynamic framework where peripheral devices are displayed on the HMe control panel.
The customers of Italpresse have immediately shown they interest in this new application and have expressed their satisfaction for the features and the results of the new HMe control and monitoring system. The market trend increasingly heads to consumer-based applications and cloud-based software therefore companies will soon feel the need of innovative strategies and integration-oriented systems.

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