Industry: Assofond, great bounce of the foundry production (+91%) in the month of May

Despite the spurt over April, the gap over the same period last year is still wide

Fonte: Assofond. © Fonderie di Montorso

The index of the foundry industrial production in Italy recorded in May a short-term bounce of approx. +91% over the levels in April 2020, reaching 64.2 points. This is the expected recovery after the lockdown period but it isn’t a real one: the slow down trend over the same period in 2019 is half the value reported in the previous month (-36.7% against 66.6% in April) but the analysis of cumulative values shows an unchanged scenery.

 The production levels referring to the month of May 2020 are still low and the recovery over 2019 is still far: the trend for January-May 2020 is -30.9% over the same period in 2019, which means a further drop in comparison with -29.5% calculated on the cumulative values up to the end of April.“We expected the short-term bounce – stresses Roberto Ariotti, President of Assofond, the Italian Foundry Association – considering that more than 80% of the Italian foundries had stopped in April yet the production levels are definitely lower than the same period last year and we don’t know what’s going to happen over the next months: the order prospect is very short.”

The bounce of the Italian foundry curve (+91.2%, 64.2 points) has been higher than in other European competing countries: the German index goes up by +25.2% over April but still has a very negative trend of approx. -40.1%. The Spanish index increases to 54.5 points and recovers as little as +8.4% over the previous month thus reporting a loss of -46.4% in comparison to the same month in 2019. Eurostat still hasn’t published the French index.

However on an annual basis and 2019 basis, the average of the first five months in 2020 shows that Italy on the lowest step: 70.2 points are lower then the Spanish (70.9) and German (76.0) production levels.



In all cases the distance is about 30% less than the 2019 yearly average values. “I hope for a major speed up in terms of investments and industrial policies – ends up Mr Ariotti. – The cushioning measures were good for the emergency but now we need to make plans, plans to streamline red tape procedures and promote long-term corporate investments mainly on innovation and sustainability.”


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