Based in Botticino Sera, just outside Brescia, Colosio Srl is a manufacturer of die casting machines and related accessories since 1971. The Colosio Group is one of the few operators ensuring in-house production of the whole die casting cell perfectly integrated with the necessary peripherals.
Colosio will be one of METEF 2017 exhibitors in Verona.
In a very positive time for the aluminium world, METEF will be the meeting point of cutting-edge technology suppliers and customers always ready to improve their output.
Against this backdrop, Colosio will unveil the latest solutions in the die casting sector by displaying very high energy-saving machines, full integration of the different parts of work cells and in-depth analysis of process parameters.
The subsidiary Relbo Srl, specialized in automated systems for the die casting industry, will display innovative solutions for die lubrication, for control and distribution of fluids and for workcycle streamlining.
Customers from any country and interested to get to know and touch Colosio’s product excellence are welcome at METEF.

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