2016 marks the 70th anniversary of Satef Hüttenes-Albertus S.p.A., One of the leading actors of next METEF with a display area rich in technological innovations.
The company boasts a long corporate history started in 1946 in foundry sand quarries and evolved into three facilities in Italy (Vicenza, Arcore and Silvano Pietra) where Satef-HA produces and markets the most comprehensive range of products and services for the foundry sector, also benefiting from strategic partnerships with global international leaders.
Satef-HA stands out over all competitors for its unique products and comprehensive offer, which serve every single phase of the foundry production process, from casting to finishing: top-level technology chemical products for any mould and die moulding process, refractory coatings and special additives, refractory products and installation services, sand and reclamation, a wide range of metalworking products, software and digital process-control systems.
The special technical-scientific skills of Satef-HA is to the customers’ disposal also through specific research projects focussed on targets shared with foundries, consultancy services on foundry processes, training courses and workshops for foundymen and foundry contractors.
But 2016 is also the year when the multinational Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH – market leader in the foundry sector boasting over 100 years of history, more than 2,000 employees and branches in over 30 countries – has decided to expand its European strategy and buy 100% of Satef-HA’s shares. In force of its history and heading to plan its future in the Italian foundry sector, in 2016 Satef-Ha has laid solid foundation to develop its corporate life through the exploitation of the global experience and advanced R&D activity of the Hüttenes-Albertus group worldwide.
For this purpose Satef-HA took part in 2016 at the Assofond Congress and presented two innovative technical presentations: “Durosol® Hüttenes-Albertus innovative impregnating coating to prevent white film defect”, a global R&D paper carried out in association with German foundries, universities and research institutions to investigate and finally solve the so-called ‘white film’ defect; “Failures in refractories: analysis, causes and remedies”, that presented an innovative approach to diagnostics and problem-solving connected with conduction of melting furnaces.
Other technological innovations will be unveiled at METEF, scheduled in Verona from 21st to 24th June 2017 and where Satef-HA will run a very large display area.

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