GEFOND takes part at METEF 2017 and proposes a wide offer: in addition to the brands traditionally represented - WOLLIN (die lubrication systems), FOUNDRY4 (dosing furnaces) and NOLTINA (ladles) – the company has recently added prestigious names to its agency contracts such as AED (ACHESON-branded die lubrication systems) and GREEN BOX (die thermoregulationa central units and free coolers). GREEN BOX offers cutting-edge energy-saving technologies both for mere thermoregulation and in relation with WaterFree lubrication systems.
The combination of all these elements ensures major advantages such as cycle time reduction, die longer life, higher quality of the pieces and energy saving leading to cost reduction and output increase of the diecasting cells.
For a comprehensive range of products, GEFOND also offers melting furnaces (INSERTEC), ladle furnaces (MORGAN MMP) and consumables such as master alloys, chemical products and fluxes for metal chemical processing, filtering mesh rolls, ceramic filters (made of alumina, SiC and LD graphite), cements and ceramic-fibre blankets, thermocouples and other accessories for the foundry sector.

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