Worldwide output 2015 of castings exceeds 103M tonnes, according the World Foundry Organization.
The following are the main players in terms of production in Mt: China, 46.2, USA 10.5,
India 10.0, 
Japan 5.5,  Germany 5.2, Russia 4.2, Brazil 2.7,  Korea 2.6,  Mexico 2.3,  Italy 2.0, Turkey 1.7.
With over 5,000 foundries and a total output 2015 exceeding 15 Mt of castings, Europe is now back at its 2013 levels: very good is the performance of the non ferrous sector driven by the automotive market.
The importance of vehicle lightweight is well stressed by the recent large investments of major carmakers in aluminium casting foundries: Audi opened a new aluminum die casting foundry at Münchsmünster, around 30 km away from its main plant Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany; BMW expanded its aluminum foundry capacity in Germany by around 50 per cent; General Motors announced the closure of an iron cast foundry and the expansion of an aluminum foundry. The global foundry aluminium industry will face rising investment requirements, growing trend towards surface treatments will necessitate respective investments and complexity of alloys for structural castings  will grow and will cause respective investments.


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