Once again Tiesse Robot, historical partner to Kawasaki Robotics, offers state-of-the-art technology in industry-oriented robotics, this time for arc welding.
The company, based in Visano, near Brescia, is going to start the new year with a new product: the BA06L hollow-wrist robot, an evolution of the BA Kawasaki range, will be launched on the market in January 2017 and will one of the most interesting innovations at METEF 2017.
The major features of this new model – which joins its little brother, the BA06N – are the “long arm”, with a capacity of 6 kg and a work area of over 2 metres; the universal compact controller “E01”, in safety category PLD4, providing a 20/30% energy saving compared to previous controllers; the programming terminal featuring a 6+ inch colour touch-screen, compact and lightweight.
The controller can manage block teaching programming based on Kawasaki AS language, also exploiting the K-Ladder functions for contact logic, to be addressed up to 4096 I/O. 
This same controller accepts all the fieldbus networks required by the markets and may also be equipped with the Cubic S safety CPU for the interaction of one of more operators in confined environments without the aid of specific protection systems.
The BA06N and BA06L hollow-wrist robots complete the evolution of the BA regular-wrist welding series – which includes the Kawasaki standard welding line that the RA5L, RA06L , RA10L and RA20N robots are part of.
These are currently among the outright best-performing productsas regards spot and arc welding. Tiesse Robot is well-known as a leading distributor of these robots that are integrated in turnkey customized workstations depending on the customers’ requirements.

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