The extruder who wants to buy a quality extrusion die has now many choices among European manufacturers. In fact, many of them can now provide a good product.
So, how can you choose?
Reducing the front scrap, improving the superficial quality of the extruded profile, increasing the medium ram velocity.
How many die makers do really give you these results?
With Alumat Almax Group you have one more chance to achieve them.
The Group is on the market since 1966 and is considered the vanguard of technology applied to aluminium extrusion dies. It is also actually the only die maker having introduced extrusion simulation in the standard manufacturing process, thanks to active partnership with the most important research centers renowned internationally, to study and test the best die design solutions.
The technical office provides a specialist consultancy either before and after sales, as well as for die correction (online and on-site).
At METEF 2017 the Group will present the most trendy design lines that are allowing many extruders to realize excellent profiles and at the meantime to contain extrusion costs.

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