XIAMEN ORDERSON IMP&EXP CO.,LTD has three silicon metal factories in Fujian,Yunnan and Sichuan of China ,the output is 50000t/year and the grade type is 553,441,3303,2202,421,411.
It's usually used as the raw material for Aluminium smelting, polysilicon, semiconductor and chemistry, and  has been exported to Europe,South America,Middle East and Asia.
We have strict quality control system to make sure the quality is good .Firstly,we test the cargo in the lab of our factory, secondly, we sample the cargo when it arrive the loading port ,thirdly ,we arrange the third party inspection according to customer's request, lastly, we have good attitude to face any problem given from the customers after they receive or use our cargo .
A) Grade 553,Si 98.5%min,Fe 0.5%max,Al 0.5%max,Ca 0.3%max  P 30-50ppm
B)Grade 441,Si 99%min,Fe 0.4%max,Al 0.4%max,Ca 0.1%max    P 30-50ppm
C)Grade 3303,Si 99.3%min,Fe 0.3%max,Al 0.3%max,Ca 0.03%max  P 30ppm max
D) Grade 2202,Si 99.5%min,Fe 0.2%max,Al 0.2%max,Ca 0.02%max  P 30ppm max
E)Grade 411,Si 99.3%min,Fe 0.4%max,Al 0.1%max,Ca 0.1%max,    P 30-50ppm
F)Grade 421,Si 99%min,Fe 0.4%max,Al 0.2%max,Ca 0.1%max,     P 30-50ppm
 Size:10-100mm 90% ,
 Packing: one metric ton with one jumbo bag
Contact info
  Lanita Zhu
  Email: zhulan22@foxmail.com
  TEL:0086 13616021370
  Skype: lanita223

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