The first Die Design Master – proposed by the Diecasting Study Centre and organized by the Diecasting Technical Committee in association with the Italian Metallurgy Association – started on Tuesday February 7th in three teaching venues: Vicenza, Bergamo and Sirone. 
The Master will supply the most advanced information on die design and addresses all engineers working in the design, making and application of dies. Since dies play a crucial role for the profitability of the foundry sector, the Diecasting Study Centre has given a major contribute to this purpose.
The master will deal with topics that nowadays few people, and not always the engineers of the foundries’ technical department, know.
Ten teaching sessions, for a total of over 80 hours of lesson up to April 6th, will cover all the essential phases relating to the birth of a die and its tools: from the mouldability analysis of the product required and the die feasibility to its ideal combination with the press; from the wear criticality analysis of the plunger tip system to the study of materials and lubricating units that streamline the life and efficiency of the injection system, also with the aim at avoiding defects that might be transferred on the final casting.
Other aspects connected with the life of the die and its components are also analysed:  the selection criteria of the different types of steel and heat/thermo-chemical treatments (depending on specific machining and operating conditions), the analysis of the metal/die interaction, and aspects of the vacuum technology applied to diecasting as well as the most recent methods of design, making and control sensor systems that are necessary for many high-performance castings.
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