Metef 2017 will focus on the foundry compartment, a strategic sector that will be the protagonist on a path of deep innovation. A very dynamic company, Fonderia VS design equipment, produces and tests aluminium and aluminium-alloy castings (also using metal inserts or sand cores) with the intention to meet the demands of our customers.
Until a few years ago, the main business of the company was the production of safety parts for the motorcycle sector, in particular the front forks, cylinders, wheels, steering plates and particular for railway and high voltage lines, in addition to the numerous categories of reducing gases and for the valves.
In recent years, feeling the need to diversify production to address the areas of Premium markets, we increased production for the automotive industry with valve bodies, connecting pipes and special chassis, intended for some of the most 'famous car manufacturers.
Currently, after several years of research and development, we are marketing even brushes for industrial use with aluminum body, including even antisparkle brushes and antimagnetic unique in the world, for which we have filed the patent on the major industrial areas world.


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