EIT – Raw Materials @ Metef

EIT Raw Materials @ METEF:
·         Objective of the workshop
The presence of the EIT Raw Materials at METEF exhibition aims at increasing the awareness of the EIT Raw Materials activities and offering for an industrial sector where the raw materials efficiency and increased materials performance are of capital importance.
·         Content of the presentations
Several examples of ongoing projects covering lightweight metals and alloys for applications in the automotive sector will be presented. Several Networks of Infrastructures (NoI) supported by the EIT Raw Materials will present their service offering and illustrate facilities for pilot testing and development. Also project aimed at providing advanced training skills in specific areas of materials design with special emphasis on alloys will be illustrated.
·         Target audience
We aim at attracting companies (both large enterprises and SMEs) and professionals involved in the fields of automotive and, more generally, transport industries.
10 am -12 am
-          10:00- 10:15 Presentation of the EIT Raw Materials
-          10:15- 12:00 Presentation of relevant projects (provisional list below to be discussed)
·         10:15-10:30
4L-Alloys: Summer School on recycled Aluminium alloys
Prof. Franco Bonollo – University of Padova
·         10:30-10:45
Lightright Project: Life Long Learning for automotive engineers
Dr. Beate Brede – Fraunhofer Institute, Bremen
·         10.45-11.00
RawMat4powerTRAIN: a network of infrastructure on powertrain
Prof. Dr. Zigor Azpilgain – Mondragon University
·         11:00-11:15
EIT Task force 'new mobility'
 Dr. Fabio Pegorin – University of Ghent
·          11:15-11:30
MetLight: network of infrastructure on light weight in automotive
Dr. Franz Berge – TU Freiberg
·         11.30-11.45
Prof. Maurizio Vedani – Politecnico di Milano
·         11:45-12:00
Recover project and ZeroWaste cluster
Prof. Dimos Paraskevas – KU Leuven
·         12:00-12:30
Discussion and matchmaking
·         12.30
services of simultaneous interpretation 
About the EIT Raw Materials:the EIT Raw Materials is a large network created to boost innovation in the whole raw materials value chain in Europe. It is the largest worldwide gathering of industries, universities and reaseach centres with interests in various aspect of raw materials. Our vision is a European Union where raw materials are a major strength, and where the union’s industrial strength is based on a cost-efficient, secure, sustainable supply and use of raw materials. We envisage a European society which is conscious of the importance and value of raw materials. The vision of EIT RawMaterials foresees an extensive systemic change, along with innovation in technologies, education, and society.

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