From June 21st through 24th Verona will be the gathering place of the Italian and foreign operators in the aluminium and innovative metals industry within a display platform that will involve over 400 exhibitors, one third coming from abroad. Foundry will be one of the most dynamic and representative sectors that will bring on stage the most advanced technologies.
May 2017- «For over twenty years METEF has considered metal processing – from primary production to recycling, casting foundry, diecasting, extrusion, rolling, machining and surface treatments – as a chain rich in tradition and know-how that is changing direction to remain competitive: this is how Mario Conserva, president of METEF, explains the mission of the show, which for four days – from 21st through 24th June 2017 – will attract the elite of the light alloy production chain worldwide, whose driving sector is the automotive and transport division. “METEF will welcome 400 exhibitors, 150 from abroad, and a large flow of professional operators from all over the world: this validates the positive short-term trend of a recovering market”, says Maurizio Danese, president of Veronafiere Spa. “The exhibition is an excellence sector for the Italian manufacturing world, and Veronafiere has decided to protect it since 2014, heading to develop the format in collaboration with partnering associations. We believe that the Verona Exhibition represents the better international format for the evolution of METEF – adds Mr Danese – also in the light of the recent transformation into a joint-stock company and the connected industrial plan including €100-million investments.
Organized in collaboration with Amaford (Italian Foundry Suppliers’ Association) and with the sponsorship of the main associations in this sector, METEF focuses on a strategic sector for the domestic industry: foundry. “The evolution under way in terms of new technologies and new materials is generated by a long tradition in the casting, extrusion and rolling sector, which inevitably combines with a large experience and innovative methods according to the targets set by the Industry 4.0 plan”, adds Mario Conserva, president of METEF. In a dedicated area, the casting foundry will be promoted by showing the elements that add smartness to the production cycle in this sector, with special care to energy efficiency and saving. All major global producers of diecasting machines will be present at the exhibition: they will showcase the latest diecasting technology innovations with integrated peripheral devices to ensure maximum production competitiveness. The renewed dynamism of the Italian foundries is impressive: an example is the foundry net Sinfonet, an innovative proposal promoted by the Region Veneto and coordinated by Italian and foreign operators that will be unveiled at METEF in parallel with innovation and teaching in the modern casting foundry, with case histories of the Diecasting School of AQM and SCMT and of the Light Metals and Diecasting Study Centre of AIM-Italian Association of Metallurgy. Other siding events that make the exhibition richer are: the Aluminium 2000 Meeting of Interall, with over 120 papers from international speakers; the Faro Opening Conference di Faro on macroeconomy and automotive, a review on the topics affecting the automotive industry, materials, technological developments, electric vehicles and new regulations that will have a large impact on the automotive sector; the Innovation Award; the Anfia Convention on Industry 4.0: financial instruments and instructions for use; the workshop EIT Raw Materials – METEF with the presentation of theSummer School on Recycled  Aluminium Alloys.
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