Energy and decarbonization in the aluminium supply chain

The second ALUMINIUM ENERGY SUMMIT will take place in Bologna to overview the actual contribution and technological solutions that the aluminum industry can offer for decarbonization and the circular economy.

Bologna Feb. 21, 2024 – The second edition of the Aluminium Energy Summit will be held at Bologna Fiere as part of the MECSPE event. An initiative organized by METEF, the international trade fair for the aluminum supply chain, to spotlight real contributions and technological solutions that the industry can activate to implement circular economy and decarbonization goals.

The aluminum supply chain has had — and will continue to have — interesting growth rates globally: the whole cycle, from the production of the raw material to intermediate transformations, from foundry to extrusion, from diecasting to rolling, from processing and finishing to the recycling system, experiences critical situations and opportunities in terms of energy and eco-sustainability. The heritage of experience and knowledge developed within the aluminum supply chain in Italy over more than 140 years of history, provides an opportunity to reflect on a sensitive and high-impact issue.
Reducing the CO2 footprint across the whole aluminum cycle is both hoped and feasible, with the collaboration of key players: supply chain industries, policy makers, energy producers and suppliers, and providers of energyefficient technological solutions.

The Summit, moderated by Professor Annalisa Pola of the University of Brescia, will begin with an analysis of the evolution of the Italian energy scenario with a speech by Professor Umberto Monarca of the Luiss University, and will go on showing the point of view of a Global Multi-Energy Company, Totale Energies, on the decarbonization
of the aluminum industry.
The core of the Summit will be a talk titled “The Energy of the Aluminum Supply Chain” which will engage companies of the aluminum supply chain (Estral, Deral, Carcano Antonio, Alpress and Gefond), comparing notes, presenting their experiences, solutions adopted and future plans to achieve the goals required by the energy transition and showing, in an increasingly complex market, how energy efficiency and decarbonization are now an unavoidable factor of competitiveness.
The talk content will be completed by Aere, a consulting company specializing in energy efficiency and decarbonization issues, and Tool for Smart Mind, a software house dedicated to developing applications to support companies in energy efficiency.
The insights emerging from the talk will, finally, be taken up by Eugenio Paroletti of A&L-Aluminum and Alloys magazine, who will provide a summary of how the supply chain is coping with the challenge of transition.

The Summit will end with the presentation of the Metef Innovation Awards 2025 program, a competition for companies that stand out for technologically advanced solutions in process management throughout the whole aluminum supply chain.

Aluminium Energy Summit is the first stage of the “On the road to Metef 2025” program, the roadmap to the next edition of the Metef event, which will be back in Bologna in 2025 from March 5 to 7, at the same time as Mecspe, the leading international trade fair for the manufacturing industry. Strong synergy between two complementary events, historically positioned in the manufacturing industry and established in their respective target markets to offer visitors a unique experience and an even broader and more comprehensive range of solutions and products.

March 8 2024 | 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
BolognaFiere (MECSPE LAB Spazio Innovazione – Arena Centro Servizi – Ingresso Costituzione)

Welcome greetings

Introduction to the work
Annalisa Pola – University of Brescia and moderator of the event

“Evolution of the Italian energy scenario”
Umberto Monarca – Luiss University

“Decarbonizing the aluminum industry: the perspective of a Global Multi-Energy Company”
Christian Koulic, One B2B Solution Metal Segment of TOTAL ENERGIES

“The Energy of the Aluminum Supply Chain.”
with the participation of:
Mauro Cibaldi, Board Member of DERAL and ESTRAL
Nicolo Farina, Energy manager of CARCANO ANTONIO
Marco Pea, Quality Management, Environment, Safety, Energy of ALPRESS
Roberto Pegurri, AERE Sales Manager
Tiziana Tronci, Board Member & New Products Development , GEFOND
Claudio Vivante, R&D Director of TOOLS for SMART MINDS

“Aluminum green environmentally sustainable product and more”
Eugenio Paroletti, Technical Manager of A&L-Aluminum and its Alloys Magazine

Conclusions and presentation of the METEF INNOVATION AWARDS 2025