Exhibiting areas

Thematic areas

An unmissable appointment which enjoys the support and patronage of the main national and international associations of the sector, and which is aimed at professionals focused on the development of the metallurgical industry through sustainable innovation.

The meeting point of the aluminium and special metals supply chain: production, transformation and intermediate processes, recovery and recycling

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Raw Materials

Primary aluminium and remelted aluminium alloys manufacturers.

Die Casting

Die casting is an Italian expertise that finds in METEF an important space for international communication: from the main European producers of die-casting equipment, molds, and stamping dies, to manufacturers of lubricants, release agents, design and simulation software.


Metef is a strong point for the industry, with the leading European manufacturers of gravity foundry plants, equipment and products, and all foundry techniques exhibiting.

Extrusion and rolling

Extrusion press manufacturers, die makers, and leading manufacturers of machinery for processing and packaging extruded profiles are an integral part of Metef’s offering. Important emphasis also on rolling technologies, from hot to cold processes.

Finishes and machining

Finishing treatments, joining techniques and machining: the most innovative techniques up-to-date processes and environmentally friendly solutions by international leading players.


The recovery and recycling of aluminium has always been one of the main themes of the event. A highly sensible choice since the first METEF editions, in the reasonable forecast of the growing demand for recovery and recycling technologies and services. Technologies for collecting, processing, storing, distributing, and recycling scrap and recovering processing off-cuts, along with a large space on major scrap marketing issues are central to METEF.

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