Aluminium in Building: SAIE Alluminio

An area to showcase the best of Aluminium applications in construction

SAIE Alluminio is the vertical theme area of SAIE (the construction exhibition) organized in cooperation with METEF to offer a comprehensive overview of the most innovative solutions and uses of aluminium in construction.

Sustainability, efficiency, strength, lightness, and thermal insulation are some of the properties of this noble material covered in the training sessions. Aluminium finds widespread use in the construction industry because of its great versatility of shapes and colours, its ease of processing, its durability, mechanical lightness, and recyclability. It is used in everything from doors to windows, roofs to ceilings, stairs to railings, exterior facades to interior partitions, and decks to infrastructure.

SAIE Alluminio is:

Exhibition area aimed at enhancing products and services related to the aluminium supply chain and enabling visiting professionals to interpret and evaluate new market trends.

Discussion moments involving industry experts and SAIE partners.

An area where companies can showcase their iconic products

The sinergy between METEF and SAIE

SAIE Alluminio will show construction companies, engineers, principals, architects, distributors, and all those involved in the construction industry the equipment, technologies, materials, and finished products used in design and construction activities, as well as the newest and most innovative uses of aluminium in its various forms.

The synergy between METEF and SAIE, two well-established events in their respective target markets, will ensure that companies in the aluminium supply chain will be able to participate in a project characterized by strong thematic verticalisation, with a large professional audience and a structured conference program.

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Companies that will be at SAIE Alluminio