Aluminium Energy Summit – 2° EDIZIONE

Aluminium Energy Summit by Metef

Let’s recap, one year later

Metef, the international trade fair for the aluminum supply chain, has presented, within the Exhibition Heart of MECSPE, the second edition of the Aluminium Energy Summit. A time to review the concrete contributions and technological solutions that the aluminum industry can activate to achieve circular economy and decarbonization goals.

Summit Goals

The purpose of the panel is to suggest a possible path to address these issues in search of possible solutions.

A Summit to:

 understand the needs of companies in the supply chain

 listen to the opinions of the segment’s leading experts;

  provide answers to entrepreneurs;

 provide decision-makers with some insights.

Organized by

The international exhibition for the aluminum supply chain 5-7 March 2025, Bolognafiere

Frame of reference

The aluminum supply chain has had and will continue to have interesting growth rates globally. The whole cycle, from the production of the raw material to intermediate transformations, from rolling to machining and finishing, presents critical situations and opportunities under energy and eco-sustainability aspects. The wealth of experience and knowledge developed within the aluminum supply chain, matured in our country over 140 years of history, finds a moment to reflect on a sensitive issue with potential impact on the supply chain.

Security of energy supply, in terms of reliability and cost, is a prerequisite for any business plan.

Reducing the CO2 footprint across the entire aluminum cycle is achievable and feasible with the collaboration of key players: supply chain industries, policy makers, energy producers and suppliers, and providers of energy-efficient technology solutions.

During the event, the Metef Innovation Awards program was presented, aimed at all companies competing for technologically advanced solutions in the world of aluminum.