Aluminium and Metals for the green transition

Technological Innovation
Circular Economy
Energy Saving
Industrial Transition
Competitiveness in the manufacturing sector

New structure, new location and new alliances to promote aluminium as well as the advanced, competitive and eco-sustainable manufacturing industry

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The opinion of Metef exhibitors

The testimonies of some of the protagonists who chose the Metef showcase to exhibit and present their products to the public.

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Are you interested in exhibiting?

Our team can provide you with all the useful information to value your participation at METEF 2022. We have reserved for exhibitors interesting opportunities before, during and after the event. Contact us to discover more.

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Are you interested in visiting?

If you are interested in receiving further information useful to organize your visit, our visitors office is at your disposal: we can provide you all the necessary support, such as opening hours, event’s details, thematic halls’ informations and much more.

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