Circular Economy: Italy on the Podium for aluminium recovery and recycling. Ecological transition and new challenges at the centre of the new edition of METEF

Circular Economy: Italy on the Podium for aluminium recovery and recycling. Ecological transition and new challenges at the centre of the new edition of METEF


METEF organizes the “Green Aluminium Conference” in two stages: the first one on May 4th at Confindustria Brescia, and the second one on June 9th, during the exhibition that will be held from June 9th to 11th, at the same time with MECSPE, in the BolognaFiere exhibition centre.



Milan, 8 April 2022 – In recent years, Italy has proven to have a cutting-edge production system as regards aluminium recycling, thanks to the ability to recover and reuse 70% of the metal used in the various applications, and for this reason, it has become increasingly important to achieve the decarbonisation and sustainability targets of our industry. The Italian figure exceeds the European average , which stands at 60% reuse of the so-called “metal of the future”, thanks to its technological flexibility and ability to be reused over and over again. Despite  the difficulties caused by high energy costs, the primary aluminium production shortage in the EU and the access and supply of raw materials, from the point of view of sustainability, the aluminium supply chain places Italy on the podium with the most virtuous countries in terms of aluminium recycling,  [1] together with Germany and after the United States and Japan.


The global challenges facing the sector will be the subject of in-depth analysis and discussion for all players in the aluminium supply chain at the new edition of METEF, the international expo for the aluminium industry, foundry and die-casting, processing, finishing and end use, which will take place in BolognaFiere from the 9th to the 11th of June 2022. The event, organized by Senaf, will be held concurrently with MECSPE, the most important event dedicated to innovations for manufacturing industry.


For 25 years, METEF has been highlighting the main innovations related to the light metal sector at an international level, and this has been done through a full program of conferences, events, special initiatives, and demonstrations. In particular, all the issues related to the re-use of the “metal of the future” with a view to the circular economy and energy efficiency will be discussed in two not-to-be-missed events for the operators in the sector. The Green Aluminium Conference, organized by METEF, will be divided into two stages: the first will be held on May 4 at the headquarters of Confindustria Brescia, and the second on June 9 in Bologna, within METEF. On both occasions, the main qualities and uses of eco-sustainable aluminium, for both primary and secondary production, will be presented, with high-level testimonials, together with the critical role that this metal will play in the Italian and European decarbonisation process.


Compared to other materials, aluminium has the advantage that it can be reused to recreate the same products and applications potentially indefinitely. An advantage that must be consolidated through the coordination at European and international level – says Mario Conserva, president of  METEFWith the new edition of METEF, thanks to the experience gained in 25 years of activity, we want to create new networking opportunities and continue to boost the industry with initiatives and insights that can help Italy and Europe to progress further in the direction of reducing emissions, as set out in the European agenda by 2030.


But the opportunities for an in-depth study within METEF 2022 do not end there. The program of the new edition includes several focuses, starting from the one on the use of aluminium extrusions in different sectors, from construction to mechanics and transport with the Aluminium Extrusion Forum on the use of aluminium extrusions in several sectors, from construction to mechanics and transport with the Aluminium Extrusion Forum. One of the main innovations for 2022 is the first edition of the Premio Pressocolata Italia (Italian Die-casting Prize), promoted for the first time jointly by the associations AIM, Amafond and Assofond, which will promote highly innovative and sustainable die-cast castings.


The current situation and perspectives of the aluminium casting foundry will be the subject of the Convegno Fonderia Getti in Leghe Leggere (Conference Light alloy casting foundry), through the analysis of the key players of the industrial, university and institutional panorama. To enhance the activities of the leading players in the sector, the METEF Innovation Award will be back in 2022. This international initiative, which has been established for over a decade, aims to reward the most innovative case histories submitted by companies, relating to innovation in plants, technologies, products and applications in aluminium and its alloys.


Looking at the end uses, the automotive sector is of utmost importance for aluminium and its alloys. For this reason, the topic will be the focus of the Aluminium and Cars conference, during which new materials, technologies and applications will be presented against the background of issues relating to lightweighting, the availability of raw materials and the relevant regulations.


The history and activities of the programme Aluminium for future generations will also be presented, a unique case in the panorama of institutional relations and strategic communication that for over two decades has been carried out by the companies of the sector and the association Centroal and that has contributed in a deep and incisive way to a – better – change in the perception of aluminium and its applications among the institutional public and other audiences.


Finally, further content relating to the surface treatment sector will be dealt with in an area organised by Aital, the Italian Association for Aluminium Surface Treatment, in which various companies in the sector will take part.




METEF, the international exhibition for aluminium, metal foundry and innovative materials technologies, launched for the first time in Italy in 1997 by Alfin-Edimet, is now in the portfolio of an equal joint venture of Veronafiere and BolognaFiere, and stands as a leading event in the international metallurgical segment, updated in concept, structure and location. METEF, whose organisation is entrusted to Senaf, will be held at the same time as MECSPE, the reference event for the manufacturing industry in Italy. The organisational and structural innovations of the new METEF aim at enhancing, in the global market, a sector of extraordinary social and economic importance such as metallurgy and advanced light metal manufacturing. This segment has been undergoing great development and is already generating a turnover for the whole sector of over 40 billion euros in our country.




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