Special Initiatives 2022

Green Aluminium Conference

Aluminium is considered the “metal of the future” in terms of technological flexibility, circular economy and eco-sustainability, all aspects that will be the focus of the Green Aluminium Conference, a two-stage event that will start in Brescia on 4th May and will end up in Bologna  during Metef with its second stop on 9th June, to illustrate with very high-level testimonials the main qualities and uses of eco-sustainable aluminium of primary and secondary production.

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METEF Innovation Award

A contest organized by Metef, consolidated for over a decade to enhance innovations in plants, technologies, products, applications and more in aluminium and its alloys offered by the exhibiting companies.
The competing innovations will be assessed according to the degree of originality and novelty, the performance characteristics, and the competitive advantages that they are able to offer, also favoring the aspects of energy saving, eco sustainability and safeguarding resources.

A special prize will also be awarded to the decarbonization projects of the overall company system.

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Aluminium extrusion forum

The Aluminium Extrusion Forum is a regular appointment at Metef for extruders dedicated to the development of technology and the use of aluminium extrusions in various fields, from construction to mechanics, transport and more.

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Aluminium for future generations

A unique case in the landscape of institutional relations and strategic communication in which companies in the sector as well as Centroal have been involved in for more than two decades  and which has contributed profoundly and incisively to the improvement of the general and institutional perception of aluminium and its applications, making Italy a model in Europe for the development of this kind of activity.

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Aluminium and Cars Conference

The automotive sector is of primary importance for light metal, the theme will be at the center of the Aluminium and Cars Conference, with the latest news regarding materials, technologies, and applications against a backdrop of issues relating to lightness, availability of raw materials and regulatory provisions.

Light Alloys Castings Foundry Conference

The Light Alloys Castings Foundry Conference, held on 11 June 2022, will focus on the current situation of the aluminium castings foundry with analytical contributions by leading Italian experts from the industrial sector, universities, and institutions.

The conference will end with the awarding ceremony of the first ever “Italian Foundry Casting Award” which is a joint initiative organized by the Italian Metallurgical Association (AIM), the Italian Association of Foundry Suppliers (Amafond) and the Italian Foundries’ Association (Assofond), to draw international attention to the development of technology and industrial applications of die castings made in Italy. Awards will be assigned to the best die castings in aluminium, zinc, magnesium, or copper alloys made in Italy and characterized by their innovative aspects from a point of view of performance and/or design, and/or dimensions, and/or production techniques, and/or the overall sustainability content of the casting.

AIM, Amafond and, Assofond jointly announce the Italian Die casting Award – Premio Pressocolata Italia established to highight the technological and industrial advancements of the Italian Die Casting sector.

The award is intended for aluminum, zinc, magnesium or copper diecasting parts with innovative features related to their performance and/or design and/or dimensions and produced by Italian foundries or in Italian sites of international companies.

The award is supported by Metef, Mecspe, Fonderia e Pressofusione, A&L, HPDC School, FACE, In Fonderia and La Metallurgia Italiana.

The deadline for submitting proposals is: 2 May 2022.

For further information, please contact AIM Secretariat: info@aimnet.it


Diecasting Square by HAITIAN

An area in Hall 31 stand B38 in which it will be possible to see the 500-ton Haitian brand die casting machine up close.

Villaggio AITAL

Aital, the Italian Association of Aluminum Surface Treatments, will be present at Metef with a customized exhibition area that will bring together its members and develop a program of contents on the relevant issues of the sector.

Villaggio AMAFOND

Amafond, the Italian Foundry Suppliers’ Association will be present at Metef in the “Amafond Village”, a special area within the expo dedicated to some of its members who will be exhibiting there.

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Sinfonet will be at Metef with an exhibition area that, in addition to hosting some of the companies taking part in the network, will also be a meeting point for discussion of the sector’s issues, thanks to a speech programme.

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